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NL-BPC-157 – the world’s first supplement containing NL-BPC-157 synthesised using our new patented NL-PEPTIDES TM technology, known as novel peptides. The new NL-BPC-157 TM form of the peptide that we have developed is significantly different from the usual form of the peptide and is much more effective than the ARG-BPC-157 form.
    • The next-generation peptide NL- BPC-157 TM is resistant to high temperature and low pH.
    • Thanks to our patent-protected NL-PEPTIDES-DELIVERY TM technology, the peptide is absorbed from its position in the small intestine through the use of protease inhibitors and absorption enhancers, such as: L-carnitine and citric acid.
    • The product contains a pharmaceutical composition that is stable and storable under various conditions. By separating the enzyme inhibitor from the peptide, the inhibitor will not degrade the peptide in the capsule.
    • Thanks to the use of a new generation of NL-PEPTIDES TM peptides, non-degradable in the small intestine while releasing an enzyme inhibitor, the product components are not mutually exclusive at any stage during this method of delivery. NL-PEPTIDES peptides are resistant to degrading agents that can occur in the gut. This allows them to be absorbed in their entirety.
  Composition Pack size: 30 capsules Single serving: 1 capsule   
per serving (1 capsule) RDA % content
NL- BPC-157 in the form of N-acetylated and amidated arginine salt 200 µg
Citric acid 300 g
Acyl-carnitine 50 g
Other ingredients: enteric coating, gelatine

Patented NL-PEPTIDES™ technology ensuring resistance to high temperatures, low stomach pH, and other degrading factors.

NL-PEPTIDES-DELIVERY™ - patented peptide delivery technology. Peptides are released directly into the intestine, where they are 100% absorbed.

Immediate delivery. Orders placed before 1:00 PM are delivered the next day.

Produced in the Czech Republic and the only one of all peptides available online that has been granted supplement status by the Main Sanitary Inspectorate.

Product Description

Suplementy diety nie mogą być stosowane jako substytut (zamiennik) zróżnicowanej diety. Nie należy przekraczać zalecanej porcji w ciągu dnia.


  • Preventive action for a healthy body
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Reduction of oxidative stress
  • Facilitating regeneration
  • Strengthening tendons and joints
  • Mitigating inflammation
  • Improving well-being
  • Accelerating tissue regeneration and during recovery from injury and surgery
  • During periods of intense training load on the body
  • As an aid in digestive and absorption disorders and gastroesophageal reflux


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