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NL-BPC-157 – the world’s first supplement containing NL-BPC-157 synthesised using our new patented NL-PEPTIDES TM technology, known as novel peptides. The new NL-BPC-157 TM form of the peptide that we have developed is significantly different from the usual form of the peptide and is much more effective than the ARG-BPC-157 form.
    • The next-generation peptide NL- BPC-157 TM is resistant to high temperature and low pH.
    • Thanks to our patent-protected NL-PEPTIDES-DELIVERY TM technology, the peptide is absorbed from its position in the small intestine through the use of protease inhibitors and absorption enhancers, such as: L-carnitine and citric acid.
    • The product contains a pharmaceutical composition that is stable and storable under various conditions. By separating the enzyme inhibitor from the peptide, the inhibitor will not degrade the peptide in the capsule.
    • Thanks to the use of a new generation of NL-PEPTIDES TM peptides, non-degradable in the small intestine while releasing an enzyme inhibitor, the product components are not mutually exclusive at any stage during this method of delivery. NL-PEPTIDES peptides are resistant to degrading agents that can occur in the gut. This allows them to be absorbed in their entirety.
  Composition Pack size: 30 capsules Single serving: 1 capsule   
per serving (1 capsule) RDA % content
NL- BPC-157 in the form of N-acetylated and amidated arginine salt 200 µg
Citric acid 300 g
Acyl-carnitine 50 g
Other ingredients: enteric coating, gelatine

Opatentowana technologia NL-PEPTIDES™ zapewniająca odporność na wysokie temperatury, niskie pH żołądka i inne czynniki degradujące.

NL-PEPTIDES-DELIVERY™ - opatentowana technologia podaży peptydów. Peptydy uwalniają się w bezpośrednio w jelicie, gdzie są w 100% wchłaniane.

Natychmiastowa dostawa. Zamówienia złożone do 13:00 dostarczane są następnego dnia.

Wyprodukowane w Czechach i jako jedyny z wszystkich peptydów dostępnych w sieci uzyskał status suplementu w Głównym Inspektoracie Sanitarnym.

Opis produktu


  • Preventive action for a healthy body
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Reduction of oxidative stress
  • Facilitating regeneration
  • Strengthening tendons and joints
  • Mitigating inflammation
  • Improving well-being
  • Accelerating tissue regeneration and during recovery from injury and surgery
  • During periods of intense training load on the body
  • As an aid in digestive and absorption disorders and gastroesophageal reflux


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